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Donate to the Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund

Source:  Global Impact

Donate to the Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund

In response to the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan, Global Impact has established the Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund to address critical humanitarian needs in the hardest hit regions.

Global Impact partners with the most effective and respected charities responding to disasters around the world. Your support for this fund will help multiple charities responding to Typhoon Haiyan, and thousands of people impacted by the disaster.

The storm has killed and injured an untold number of people and devastated homes, schools, hospitals and critical infrastructure. Tens of thousands have been impacted.

Contributions to the Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund will support the rescue, relief and rebuilding efforts of Global Impact’s carefully vetted alliance of more than 80 U.S.-based international charities. Donations to the fund will provide people and communities in need with clean drinking water, food supplies, relief kits, necessary medical attention and safe shelter.

To submit your contribution click here

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