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CivilBRICS Conference to be held in Moscow

CivilBRICS Conference to be held in Moscow

International Conference “Civil society and international partnership in the field of education, science, culture, ecology and business»  will be held in Moscow on November 13, 2013

BRICS pledge cooperation on climate change

RIO DE JANEIRO, Sept. 16 (Xinhua) -- The BRICS bloc of emerging economies, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, said Monday it would strengthen cooperation to fight climate change through a series of joint resolutions.

Media Note on the informal meeting of BRICS Leaders ahead of the G20 Summit in St. Petersburg

BRICS Leaders met on 5 September 2013, ahead of the formal opening of the G20 Summit in St Petersburg.

BRICS may agree on $100 bn currency fund during G20 summit

BRICS may agree on $100 bn currency fund during G20 summit

BRICS countries may reach consensus at next month's G20 summit on creating a $100 billion currency reserve fund to help ease short-term liquidity pressure and safeguard financial stability of major emerging economies, a senior Chinese central bank official said today.

Expert Views on BRICS

Stalled IMF reforms could leave Fund on shaky ground Stalled IMF reforms could leave Fund on shaky ground
Delays in ratifying historic changes to give emerging markets more power at the International Monetary Fund have threatened the lender's credibility and raised questions about its future funding and governance structure.

Development Agencies in BRICS and Beyond – Experiences and Next Steps
Over the past years and resulting from deep changes in the global economy, BRICS and other emerging economies have started to invest heavily in their capacities as development players. Parting from decades-old South-South cooperation, governments are looking into the options to scale up and eventually institutionalize horizontal partnerships with other countries through dedicated development agencies.

Are BRICS any use for rebuilding the collapsing global financial architecture?
In its most recent world public opinion survey, the Pew Research Centre found that ‘international financial instability’ is considered a major threat by 52 percent of those polled was a close second, after climate change at 54 percent).

Green economy: will it ever be people, planet and profit?
While economic growth is key to improving wellbeing in developing countries, it shouldn't cost us the planet – but are ministers listening?

(AUDIO) G20 Panel Discussion by Nancy Alexander, Julia Kulik, Andrew Zhu
The G20 concluded in St Petersburg last week and although much of the talks before, during and after the gathering was about Syria and the military intervention that isn't, there were also the important subjects of tax evasion and the economic stability of the BRICS nations and emerging markets on the agenda.

Food for thought
One of the most popular slogans of India’s Right to Food Campaign is “Hungry stomachs and overflowing granaries, is injustice; is a crime!” Right through the period of almost eight per cent economic growth, India has ranked around 67th out of 88 countries on the global hunger index prepared by the International Food Policy Research Institute.

BRICS in Africa: prizes and pitfalls of building a new global order
Brics' rhetoric of 'win-win' globalisation masks huge and deepening power inequalities in new scramble for Africa.

A Collapsing Pile of BRICS
The outcome of the St. Petersburg G20 Summit is disappointing but not surprising. Even the logo chosen by the Russian hosts seemed, bizarrely, to evoke a collapsing pile of bricks, as well as a fissure within the G20, with the letter “G” as well as the number “2” being broken into fragments.

BRICS Documents