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G20 Communiqué commitments chart by InterAction

Source: InterAction

This document outlines commitments made by leaders at the 2013 G20 Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia. These commitments are measured against recommendations in a G8/G20 Advocacy Alliance (US) G20 policy paper. As the paper is primarily development-focused, only relevant sections of the 2013 G20 Leaders’ Declaration were included.

The following sections of the Leaders’ Declaration were not covered (in full) in this document: “Global Economy and G20 Framework for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth”, “International Financial Architecture”, and “Financial Regulation”.

This document was drafted by Meredith Low, with input and approval from John Ruthrauff and Joseph McGrann. Feedback and corrections are welcome.

John Ruthrauff, Director, International Advocacy

Joseph McGrann, Research Associate

1400 16th Street NW, Suite 210
Washington, DC 20036 USA
October 8, 2013

Year:  2013
Subjects:  Ecology & Environment | Global Partnership | Finance, Crisis, Money | Food Security | G20 | Poverty and Hunger | Accountability | Jobs & Employment | Development | Civil Society | Environmental Sustainability | Civil20

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