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Sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean

'Sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean' is a regional UN report published as a contribution to the discussion about the UN development agenda beyond 2015 and as a follow-up to Rio+20 that will inform the global post-2015 discussions. The conclusions of the report refer to the importance of volunteerism for the future of the Latin America and the Caribbean region.

A common criticism leveled against the agenda of the Millennium Development Goals is that it fails to address a number of important dimensions of well-being.

The report points out that multiculturalism provides new opportunities for exercising citizenship and strengthening the participation of individuals, including through voluntary efforts, in building the egalitarian future we want.

In addition, the report also articulates the crucial role that volunteerism plays on different emerging issues, for example on issues of public safety:

“Citizen participation, community mobilization and the promotion of volunteerism are essential to public safety and recovery programmes, particularly for preventing youth and gender-based violence and fostering local security governance. Thus, the concept of public safety includes community action for crime prevention, capacity-building of security institutions, access to effective justice, values-based education, respect for the law and tolerance.”

Year:  2013
Subjects:  South/Latin America | Development | MDGs | Civil Society | Post 2015 Agenda

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