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Expert views, Articles and Statements on G20

Twiplomacy: The Best connected World Leaders on Twitter

Twiplomacy: The Best connected World Leaders on Twitter

Twiplomacy is the leading global study of world leaders on Twitter. The governments of more than three-quarters (77.7%) of the 193 UN member countries have a presence on Twitter: Almost half of the 505 accounts analysed are personal accounts of heads of state, heads of government and ministers of foreign affairs; a third of these world leaders tweet themselves, but very few on a regular basis.
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Thoughts from the ‘father of the G20’

Thoughts from the ‘father of the G20’

Former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin is often referred to as 'the father of the G20’. While Canada’s finance minister, he was the driving force behind the establishment of the G20 and was selected by the G7 in 1999 to be the first G20 chairman. He had many insights on the establishment of the G20 along with guidance as to how Australia should approach its term as chair.
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Stalled IMF reforms could leave Fund on shaky ground

Stalled IMF reforms could leave Fund on shaky ground

Delays in ratifying historic changes to give emerging markets more power at the International Monetary Fund have threatened the lender's credibility and raised questions about its future funding and governance structure.
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(AUDIO) G20 Panel Discussion by Nancy Alexander, Julia Kulik, Andrew Zhu

The G20 concluded in St Petersburg last week and although much of the talks before, during and after the gathering was about Syria and the military intervention that isn't, there were also the important subjects of tax evasion and the economic stability of the BRICS nations and emerging markets on the agenda.
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World Vision’s response to the G20 2013

Success as the G20 recognises need to tackle inequality for the first time.
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Useful Information on G20

2014 G20 Australia, Brisbane Summit (November 15-16, 2014)

G20 2014 Agenda
for strong, sustainable and balanced growth

G20 priorities diagram
  1. Trade
  2. Employment
  3. Development
  4. Anti-corruption
  5. Energy
  6. Investment and infrastructure
  7. Structural reforms and macroeconomic policy
  8. IMF reform
  9. Financial regulation and tax reform

G20 Working Groups to continue:

  1. Development
  2. Anti-corruption
  3. Energy Sustainability
  4. Employment Task Force
  5. Financial Inclusion (not confirmed)

St Petersburg G20 Development Outlook (Development Working Group) listed the following priorities:

  1. Food Security (smallholder and family farmers, gender equality and women empowerment, decent jobs)
  2. Financial Inclusion and Remittances (Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion)
  3. Infrastructure (project preparation funds, G20 Study Group on Financing for Investment)
  4.  Human Resource Development (G20 training strategy for skills development)
  5. Domestic Resource Mobilization (strengthening tax administration, Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes)

Australian Civil20 (C20) Steering Committee

  • Chair: World Vision Australia, Rev. Tim Costello
  • Deputy Chair: – Australian Council of Social Service, Dr Cassandra Goldie
  • ACFID - Australian Council for International Development, Marc Purcell  (Admin Committee)
  • Oxfam Australia, Dr Helen Szoke
  • Transparency International Australia, Greg Thompson
  • UN Women Australia, Julie McKay (Admin Committee)
  • World Wide Fund for Nature Australia, Dermot O'Gorman
  • Ethnic Business Awards, Joseph Assaf AM
  • National Congress of Australia's First Peoples, Jody Broun
  • Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, Professor Rob Moodie
  • Swinburne University of Technology, Bill Scales AO
  • Australian Multicultural Council, Judge Rauf Soulio
  • National Employment Services Association, Sally Sinclair
  • National Council of Churches in Australia, Rev. Tara Curlewis

Australian Business 20 (B20)

  • B20 Sherpa: Robert Milliner
  • Chair: Richard Goyder, Managing Director and CEO of Wesfarmers 
  • John Borghetti – Virgin Australia
  • Ian Narev – Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Jillian Broadbent – Clean Energy Finance Corporation
  • Ann Pickard – Shell
  • Mark Burrows – Credit Suisse
  • Heather Ridout – Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Cameron Clyne – National Australia Bank
  • Steve Sargent – GE Australia and New Zealand
  • John Denton – Corrs Chambers Westgarth
  • Tony Shepherd – Business Council of Australia
  • Elmer Funke-Kupper – ASX Limited
  • Catherine Tanna – BG Australia
  • Jerry Harris – News Limited
  • David Thodey – Telstra
  • Gail Kelly – Westpac Banking Corporation
  • Ian Thomas – Boeing Australia
  • Grant King – Origin Energy
  • David Tudehope – Macquarie Telecom
  • Nick Leeder – Google
  • Hamish Tyrwhitt – Leighton Holdings
  • James MacKenzie – Mirvac and Yancoal Australia
  • Innes Willox – Australian Industry Group
  • Pip Marlow – Microsoft
  • Marius Kloppers – BHP Billiton

G20 Sherpas:

will be posted here soon...

Future Summits                                

Previous Summits

Year G8 G20 Year G8 G20
2014 Russia, Sochi Australia,  Brisbane 2006 Russia, St Petersburg  
2015 Germany Turkey 2007 Germany, Heiligendamm  
2016 Japan Asia 2008 Japan: Hokkaido, Washington, Nov
2017 Italy   2009 Italy: L'Aquila, London (4), Pittsburgh (9)
2018 Canada   2010 Canada: Muskoka. Toronto (6) Seoul (11)
2019 France   2011 France: Deauville, Cannes, November
2020 US   2012 US, Camp David Mexico, Los Cabos, June
2021 UK   2013 UK, Lough Erne Russia, St Petersburg

G20 Countries and Institutions (G8 countries in bold, BRICS in italics)

Argentina China Indonesia Russia Turkey
Australia France Italy Saudi Arabia United Kingdom
Brazil Germany Japan South Africa United States
Canada India Mexico South Korea European Union

Additional participants: World Bank, IMF, OECD, ILO, UN, WTO, Financial Stability Board G20: Australia is inviting leaders of the following countries to the 2013 G20 summit: 

  • Spain (standing invitation);
  • Rotating chair country of a major regional organisation in Asia, which at present is the chair of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) which is Myanmar in 2014
  • The chair of the African Union 2014
  • The chair of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development 2014
  • TBC one other guest country invited by the G20 president for that year (likely to be from South East Asia)

G20 web sites:

G20 News

Australian C20 launches online consultations with civil society
Consultations with civil society ahead of next year’s G20 summit to be held in Australia commenced today with the launch of the C20 website.
Russian Sherpa to the G20 appointed
President Putin has officially appointed Svetlana Lukash as Russian G20 Sherpa.
The concluding G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group Meeting was held in Paris
On October 10-11, 2013 the third G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group Meeting was held in Paris. The meeting was primarily focused on the outcomes of the Russian G20 Presidency, as well as key directions of the ACWG work in 2014.
The Civil20 (2014) Steering Committee held its second meeting on 13 September in Sydney
BRICS Leaders met on 5 September 2013, ahead of the formal opening of the G20 Summit in St Petersburg.
The G20 Leaders Declaration has been published
The G20 Leaders Declaration has been published following the G20 Summit in St.Petersburg.
The G20 Leaders approved the St.Petersburg Development Strategy prepared by the G20 Development Working Group. The Strategy outlines the priorities of the G20's work in this sphere over the medium term.