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Latin/South America News

Insecurity obstructs social, economic development in Latin America - UN Report

Insecurity obstructs social, economic development in Latin America - UN Report

Latin America remains the most unequal and most insecure region in the world, the United Nations reported today, calling for inclusive economic growth and enhanced security and justice institutions as the most efficient ways to reduce insecurity.

26 Governments Sign 'Declaration of Panama' to Eliminate Health Inequalities in Latin America & Caribbean

At the Promise Renewed for the Americas conference, 26 Ministers of Health from Latin America and the Caribbean and seven international partners signed the Declaration of Panama pledge to end all preventable child and maternal deaths by 2035.

Expert Views on Latin/SouthAmerica

South-South Cooperation in aid, trade and FDI? A closer look at the economic engagement footprint of rising powers in Africa
What do the activities of Chinese businesses in Angola, Brazilian state agencies in Mozambique and Indian exporters in South Africa have in common? For one thing, they all might be seen to represent the trend of (re-)growing linkages between African, Asian and Latin American countries.

Development Agencies in BRICS and Beyond – Experiences and Next Steps
Over the past years and resulting from deep changes in the global economy, BRICS and other emerging economies have started to invest heavily in their capacities as development players. Parting from decades-old South-South cooperation, governments are looking into the options to scale up and eventually institutionalize horizontal partnerships with other countries through dedicated development agencies.

Brazil's New Anti-Corruption Law: What Every Multinational Employer Should Know
On August 1, 2013, Brazil enacted Law 12.846, a new anti-corruption law that establishes a comprehensive system of corporate and individual liability for acts of corruption against Brazilian and foreign public officials or governmental bodies.

Key Documents for the NGOs Sector on Latin/South America Region