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Australian C20 launches online consultations with civil society

Source:  C20 Steering Committee

Australian C20 launches online consultations with civil society

Consultations with civil society ahead of next year’s G20 summit to be held in Australia commenced today with the launch of the C20 website.

Purpose built to allow civil society groups throughout the world the chance to help shape the 2014 G20 agenda, the website, www.C20.org.au, will be open for online voting for a month till 20 December.

The C20 is a group of civil society organisations that have been tasked with ensuring that community-level views help shape the agenda for the G20’s discussions and outcomes.

Head of the C20 Steering Committee, Tim Costello, today urged individuals as well as civil society groups throughout the world to take advantage of the opportunity to put their views forward.

“This is an important day for civil society, as we prepare well in advance for our participation at the 2014 G20,” Mr Costello said.

“All civil society members are welcome to participate in these consultations and we are urging groups across the globe to visit our website www.C20.org.au, so you can vote on those policy matters that are most important to you,”.

Mr Costello said that the final tally of votes from the online consultations would be used to shape the C20s list of priority issues to take to the G20 Leaders’ Summit to be held in Brisbane in November 2014.

“Once votes are counted we will set our agenda around the four key issues that our members have identified as the greatest priority.

The C20 which enjoyed unprecedented access at this year’s G20 Summit in Russia has now been established as a formal component of the ongoing G20 dialogue.

“The hard work we undertook in Russia last year to advance the economic reform issues that are important to civil society has paid off,” Mr Costello said. “We are also pleased that the Australian Government has sought the views of civil society in its own G20 agenda.

“The C20 consultation process is designed to make sure we can contribute thoughtfully to the G20 agenda”.

The G20 is the group of 20 nations which meets annually to progress economic reform. The Australian Government which assumes the presidency of the G20 on 1 December is hosting the G20, in Brisbane in November 2014.

For Further information about the C20 please contact Joanne Yates: +61 409 473 377
For an interview with Tim Costello please contact Mary-Louise O’Callaghan: +61 427 413 816

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