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CivilBRICS Conference to be held in Moscow

Source:  civil-brics.net

CivilBRICS Conference to be held in Moscow

International Conference “Civil society and international partnership in the field of education, science, culture, ecology and business»  will be held in Moscow on November 13, 2013

The future of BRICS countries is alliance of non-governmental organizations and socially responsible and ecologically secure business, which will allow to determine the direction  vector of progress in conditions of transition to a new stage of human civilization and development of a new paradigm of progress of mankind.

The aim of the Conference:

attraction of attention of the public to current issues of the present, creation of constantly operating dialogue platform for representatives of civil society, scientists, culture and business.

The questions for discussion during the Conference:

  • Consolidation of civil society of BRICS countries (CIVIL BRICS) as the answer to global challenges and problems of the present
  • Cooperation in the field of culture, science, education, achievement of ecological well-being, progress of social business
  • Support of innovations in all areas and attraction of private companies to participation in state projects
  • Innovative approaches, methods and versions of solutions of thorny issues of work and employment of population in BRICS
  • Actualization of youth initiatives, development of programs on the international exchange of experience, start of global processes of information interchange in interests of sustainable development for achievement of MDG and post-2015.

More information and registration here http://www.civil-brics.net/en/

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