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GPSA Launches 2nd Call for Proposals in 33 countries

Source:  The World Bank

GPSA Launches 2nd Call for Proposals in 33 countries

The Global Partnership for Social Accountability is pleased to announce its 2nd Call for Proposals. The Call for Proposals is open to civil society organizations (CSOs) and CSO networks based and operating in any of 33 eligible countries (those that have ‘opted-in’ to the GPSA to date). Grant amounts will range from US$500,000 to US$1,000,000. Requests for funding below this range will also be considered.

Grants are intended to provide strategic and sustained support to CSO projects with the following objectives:

  • Addressing critical governance and development problems through social accountability processes that involve citizen feedback and participatory methodologies geared to helping governments and public sector institutions solve these problems. Special emphasis is put on problems that directly affect extreme poor and marginalized populations.
  • Strengthening civil society’s capacities for social accountability by investing in CSOs’ institutional strengthening and through mentoring of small, nascent CSOs by well-established, larger CSOs with a track record on social accountability.

Country-Tailored Calls for Proposals 
Proposals must address the priority themes identified per country. Please review the table further below for details. Look for your country and open the PDF link to see the country-specific call for proposals.

How to apply

  1. The deadline for submitting grant applications is January 6th 2014 (23:59h GMT).
  2. Please note: all grant applications, without exception, must be submitted in English. The GPSA will not consider applications written in other languages.
  3. Read the general instructions on how to apply for a grant, eligibility requirements, selection criteria and process: please download the GPSA Grant Application Guidelines (pdf).
  4. Review your country’s priority theme(s) included in the country-tailored call for proposals. 
  5. All applications must be submitted using the GPSA’s online e-application platform. Applications submitted through any other means will not be accepted. The GPSA E-Application Platform will open for submissions on December 2 and the link to access the platform will be posted on this webpage.

Application Form

The Application form consists of 3 parts. Each must be complete for your proposal to be considered.

Please note: Part 1 of the Application Form must be filled-out in the e-application platform. Parts 2 and 3 are to be uploaded as attachments into the e-application. (You may download and start working on Part 1 in Word, so that later you can cut and paste the contents into the e-application form).

For questions about the application process, you can contact the GPSA Help Desk by e-mail. Please also consult the list of Questions and Answers (pdf) to see if your question is covered there. The FAQs will be updated weekly on the webpage for the benefit of all potential applicants.

Download the Call for Proposals by Country

Eastern Caribbean Countries:
 Antigua and Barbuda
 St. Kitts and Nevis
 St. Lucia
 St. Vincent and the Grenadines
EN RU  Morocco
EN FR  Mozambique
 Dem. Rep. of the Congo
EN FR  Namibia
 Dominican Republic
EN ES  Niger
EN  Paraguay
EN ES  Philippines
EN IND  Rwanda
EN  Senegal
EN AR  Tajikistan
 Kyrgyz Republic
EN  Timor Leste
EN  Togo
EN FR  Tunisia
 Moldova EN  Uganda EN

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