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InterAction Launches New Health Aid Map

Source:  InterAction

InterAction Launches New Health Aid Map

InterAction’s NGO Aid Map, with the support of FedEx, launched a Health Aid Map today, featuring the work of InterAction members in 89 countries. With more than 800 projects from nearly 60 organizations, Health Aid Map visualizes the wide-ranging work NGOs are doing to provide access to health care, strengthen health care systems, and help people live healthier, longer lives.


The new map is part of NGO Aid Map, an InterAction initiative that gives a one-of-a-kind picture of international aid. NGO Aid Map has collected information on more than 4,200 projects through its seven sub-sites: Haiti, theHorn of AfricaChinaIndiaMexicofood security, and now health.

“Our vision is to broaden the data we’re sharing through a global map showcasing our members’ work in all countries and all sectors, and Health Aid Map moves us one step closer to that goal,” said Julie Montgomery, director of innovation and learning at InterAction.

Visit NGO Aid Map. If you are an InterAction member, and would like more information on how to participate, contact mappinginfo@interaction.org.

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