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$2.5 billion new pledges to boost global anti-poverty goals

Source:  UN Radio

$2.5 billion new pledges to boost global anti-poverty goals

The United Nations has received a total of $2.5 billion additional commitments in the race to achieve the global anti-poverty goals by the 2015 deadline.

Representatives of Governments, private businesses and international organizations are behind the pledges made on Monday on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly debate.

Following a high-level event on reviewing progress on the Millennium Development Goals or MDGs, representatives of the private and public sector gave a strong push to advance action on the achievement of these Goals.

$2.5 billion new commitments have been announced to ramp up MDG progress.

The UN says despite huge gains, progress towards the eight MDGs has been uneven.

The lives of millions of people have been improved by already meeting MDG targets on reducing poverty, increasing access to safe water, improving the lives of slum dwellers and achieving gender parity in primary education.

The UN says MDGs have been the most effective anti-poverty push in history.

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