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Seoul Post-2015 Global Development Conference

Source:  UNDP

The Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UNDP will host an international conference on a future global development framework on 7th of October at the Plaza hotel in Seoul.

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are the most successful anti-poverty push in history. The number of people living in poverty has fallen to less than half of the 1990 level. Over two billion people have gained access to better drinking water and the share of city slum dwellers has dropped significantly, improving the lives of at least 100 million people.

Yet the MDGs expire in 2015. Whilst pushing hard to meet the remaining targets, the world is working out how to build on the successes and tackle new challenges.

The ‘Seoul Post-2015 Conference: Implementation and Implications’ marks a point in the global conversation where the world turns its focus to how the new global development framework will work.  

At the Seoul conference some of the world’s leading development thought, opinion leaders and practitioners will:

  • Exchange opinions, analysis and aspirations for the implementation of a global development framework to 2030.
  • Help define specific challenges in each area of development and discuss how they can contribute to implementing the future framework more broadly.

Insight and analysis from the conference will support the inter-governmental deliberations that will lead to an agreement on a final post-2015 agenda. These formal negotiations will precede a Heads of State and Government Summit in 2015 to sign off on the new goals.

The conference will take place on October 7th at the Plaza Hotel in Seoul. Participation is limited. To register email: Post-2015@intercom.co.kr or call 02-6245-6339

For more information please read the Concept note and the Conference Agenda

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