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(AUDIO) G20 Panel Discussion by Nancy Alexander, Julia Kulik, Andrew Zhu
The G20 concluded in St Petersburg last week and although much of the talks before, during and after the gathering was about Syria and the military intervention that isn't, there were also the important subjects of tax evasion and the economic stability of the BRICS nations and emerging markets on the agenda.

Setting the Agenda
Can NGOs take the lead in global policy discussions?

VIDEO - G20 for Change: NGOs voices at the G20 Summit 2013
From the G20 Summit in St. Petersburg: Transparency International, InterAction, Oxfam, World Vision, Save the Children

Effective Advocacy Strategies
How to influence institutional decision making.

Is Civil Society Uncivil?
Having worked with civil society engagement work at the World Bank for many years, it is not uncommon for colleagues to see me in the hallway and jokingly ask: “is civil society still acting uncivil?”.

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